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What to Bring....

Proof of DC Residency – one of the accepted documents are below


  • Utility Bill

  • Lease

  • Notarized letter from landlord

  • Notarized letter from family member that the client resides with

  • Letter on letterhead from shelter or transitional home

Proof of Income-one of accepted documents are below


  • Pay Stubs

  • Letter of award from Social Security,TANF, or other social service agency

  • Proof of Food Stamp amount

  • Copy of a tax return,

  • Unemployment letter

  • A notarized letter Zero Income Statement

  • Letter from employer

Proof of HIV Status (if applicable)


  • Labs with CD4 and Viral Load

  • Letter on letterhead from doctor or HIV testing facility

5936 Martin Luther King, Jr., Hwy

Seat Pleasant, MD  20743

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