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COVID-19 Info




Tuesday & Thursday from 10am - 1pm​


Friday from 10am - 1pm

Addressing Misinformation:

•  Websites with .org, .gov,  or .edu are usually more reliable

    than some .com websites

•  Be wary of what you see on social media.  Always ask where

    that info is from.

•  To keep it simple, the following can be trusted sources of

    information for COVID-19:


Myth vs. Fact

MYTH: The coronavirus was created and unleashed intentionally by people

FACT: It is likely that the Coronavirus was present in animals, mutated, and passed to humans.  This happens with many viruses and diseases

MYTH: Hydroxychloroquine will prevent or treat COVID-19

FACT: It is still too soon to tell which new or existing medicine will be curative or preventative.  However, in cases of people with heart disease and hypertension, hydroxychloroquine makes COVID worse

MYTH: You can kill the virus by drinking Clorox, gargling salt water & vinegar, or laying in the sun

FACT: Once infected, the virus cannot be killed without medical treatment – which is still  being studied

MYTH:  COVID is just like the flu

FACT: COVID is deadlier than flu.  It also has no vaccine or definitive treatment and is still not fully understood

CLICK HERE for a video explaining the vaccination process.  

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