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Providing a Continuum of Care for Communities in Need

FMCS is a community health center located in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast Washington, D.C. A visionary organization since our founding in 1976, we have developed and implemented programs and partnerships that have effectively addressed the most imposing healthcare threats facing local communities.

The high level of personal commitment demonstrated by our professional staff and extensive network of collaborators has made FMCS a respected source of education, referral, and treatment services, including HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. By helping people lead healthier and more productive lives, our cutting-edge initiatives and care improve the quality of life every day throughout the Washington area.

An Aggressive Advocate for Underserved, High-Risk Populations

While our clients come from all over the District of Columbia, we focus primarily on the communities east of the Anacostia River. Our clients include people from all walks of life facing an array of medical, mental health, substance abuse and many other psychosocial needs. Many of whom would not traditionally utilize patient/client services, but our accessibility and confidentiality allow them to be more comfortable with the process of seeking help.

FMCS promotes awareness by providing vital information where our clients socialize, live, and work. We also serve the community at large as a comprehensive clearinghouse for ongoing education and efforts targeting local health-related issues.